Tuesday, 17 November 2009

National Unitarian Fellowship (NUF)

The NUF, a postal and Internet Fellowship, is always keen to introduce its members to new ways of being a Unitarian through both the printed word and increasingly the opportunities to explore what is available to them on and through the internet.

The well established bi-monthly Viewpoint and Newsletter ensure that those who do not wish, or are not able to use a computer, continue to have the opportunity to contribute and hear what is happening in the Fellowship as well as the wider Unitarian family – news and views. Those wishing to be in contact by correspondence can join one of the letter-writing groups consisting of five or six members each.

The NUF Forum is the longest running Unitarian web community, continuing to grow in numbers and depth. Here Unitarians can discuss issues of the day and get to know and support each other as an ongoing community. The nucleus of longstanding, regular contributors continues to grow as does the material and information offered through the Forum site. Some contribute once or more each week with others dropping in from time to time. Registration is through the NUF website.

This new blog from the Communications Commission is very welcome and the link has already been added to our blog list on the Forum.

The Fellowship has just launched its first e-Learning course adapted for the Internet from The British Unitarian Journey by Rev Dr Vernon Marshall. At this stage it looks promising with the first few members offering some very interesting responses to the set questions. Registration for this is again through the NUF website.

The NUF website is now trying to build up more opportunities to access Unitarian events, meditations, commentaries etc with worship being next on the agenda to be developed. Support by being part of the congregation at Hucklow on Saturday 20th February in the afternoon would be most welcome or even better come along to the UCCN Weekend at The Nightingale Centre. The Fellowship is always open to new avenues and ideas that help Unitarians communicate, network and work with other Unitarians to promote liberal religious values.

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