Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UK Unitarian Blog Aggregator

I have just created a Yahoo Pipe which pulls together content from UK Unitarian blogs (I can't figure out how to get the blog name and author in there, as they don't appear to be stored in the blogpost bit of the RSS feeds) but it does at least only take an excerpt of the post, and then you click through to the original blogpost). If you go to the Pipe page, you can get a badge for your blog or website which pulls in the latest posts from UK Unitarian blogs. Click on the "Get a Badge" link and follow the steps in the popup.

There is now a page on this blog dedicated to blogposts from UK Unitarian bloggers, as well as links to them on the sidebar on the right.

Two new blogs

Louise, who is secretary of Newcastle-under-Lyme Meeting House, has started two new blogs, Developing Spiritual Community and Governance for Unitarians.

On Developing Spiritual Community, she writes:
This blog has started from my desire to see the development of Unitarian communities in the UK. Many of the approaches that have been suggested recently take a marketing approach where Unitarianism is a product and if we only marketed it differently we would 'sell' more of it. The model adopted in this blog is one which sees local Unitarian communities as just that - communities - which most community members are committed to developing.

On Governance for Unitarians, she writes:
This blog is born out of a desire to make a positive contribution to UK Unitarians' continued discussions (or not) about how good governance works and to offer some hints and wrinkles about how to make it work for Unitarian communities wherever they are, however big or small.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Growth scheme

Andy Pakula's Growth Scheme is now endorsed by the GA and available on the Unitarian web site. Check it out and see what you could do to remove barriers to growth.

Probably the least obvious barrier is the desire to grow without knowing why you want to grow. If it's just to get "bums on pews" that's not enough. It has to be because you want to include others in your beloved community and share the freedom you have found. You have to put your own house in order and deepen the spiritual life of your community before you can get others to join it. You have to care about an issue that's unrelated to growth, and inspire others to join you in your quest for social and environmental justice. And you have to communicate your enthusiasm to others, using all the media available to you (both online and print).

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Jargon busting

I was delighted to see that the Unitarian website now has a jargon-busting page, which explains the jargon and acronyms in use among Unitarians. Perhaps it could form the basis of a quiz!