Tuesday, 7 December 2010

UU It Gets Better video

UUA Presents "It Gets Better" Video

The UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries recently released a video in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, encouraging them to seek out UUism as a welcoming faith community that affirms each person's worth, regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

The "It Gets Better" project is a collection of videos produced by people across the globe aimed to offer hope and inspiration for LGBT teens.

Watch the video now.

Monday, 6 December 2010

R Travers Herford

Robert Travers Herford (1860 - 1950) was a great Unitarian scholar. He entered into Jewish life and thought, and often described himself as a "Jewnitarian". He rehabilitated the reputation of the Pharisees from the hammering they get in the Gospels, and also wrote scholarly works interpreting the Torah and Talmud.

I have scanned and uploaded a PDF of the appreciation of Herford's life and work which was produced after his death by H McLachlan.

Some of his books are available to view at Google Books.
The Idea of the Kingdom of God (PDF) is available from the Cambridge Unitarians website.

As can be seen from this quote (quoted by Andrew Brown), Herford regarded all faiths as divinely inspired:
"The Kingdom of God, as the rule of God in the heart, the love and service of him, and the consequent love and service of all men as children of the one Father, that is not limited by any doctrinal definitions. No one but a Christian ever did, or ever could, work for the Church. But all can work for the Kingdom of God, not Christians only but all who consciously own God, whether Christian or Jew, Mohammedan [sic] or Brahmin, or any other of those to whom God has revealed himself "by diverse portions and in diverse manners" (The Idea of the Kingdom of God, R. Travers Herford, Lindsey Press 1929 p. 13).

I am also glad to see that the plaque commemorating the fact that Robert Travers Herford lived and worked at Dr William's Library is listed at Open Plaques.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to create a blog-roll

Once you have created your blog, you might like to add a list of blogs that you read. This is called a blog-roll. Here's eHow's useful step-by-step guide to adding a blogroll.

In order to get to the bit where you can add a gadget, you need to click on Design at the top of your blog.

New blog

Rev Bob Pounder, the new minister of Oldham Unitarians, has started a blog, entitled Faileth Never, and his first post is a beautiful prayer for Advent that he has written, which includes lots of Nature imagery and the idea that the Christ child is waiting to be born everywhere and in every heart (so more like a universal avatar than a particular incarnation). I look forward to reading more.

The title of the blog is presumably a quote from the hymn, The King of Love my Shepherd is, by H W Baker.