Monday, 14 December 2009

Wordle tag cloud tool

A tag cloud is a collection of keywords from your website or blog, or about a topic.

There are many tag cloud gadgets, but Wordle will create a tag cloud with both vertical and horizontal words, and offers customisation including changing the colours and the font.

Here is the tag cloud for the Unitarian Communications blog:
Wordle: Unitarian Communications

Wordle also lets you create a cloud of words that you have entered into a box, so you could create one with Unitarian values, or famous Unitarians, or whatever.

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  1. I tried this with Mary Wollstonecraft's text, and experimented with different looks (colours, orientations, fonts). You can easily make multiple copies of the same text, which end up looking similar but different. Here are a few samples on
    A Vindication of the Rights of Mary