Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday, 12 September 2010

How to use a URL shortener

Web addresses (URLs) can be very long, and if you are pasting them into an email, Twitter, or printing them in your newsletter, it's better to use a URL shortener. This creates a much shorter version of the web address, which redirects to the long version. This saves space in Twitter, prevents the problem of URLs breaking when they are wrapped round to the next line in emails, and saves your newsletter readers from typing out the long version.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Upper Chapel, Sheffield

Upper Chapel, Sheffield has a lovely courtyard that is used by members of the public wishing to sit in peaceful surroundings to rest, eat their lunch or use as a short cut to the city centre shops. The chapel has three static notice boards used to attract the attention of people passing by. However, the chance find of a discarded A Board by our resourceful caretaker has opened up other possibilities. This is now used to grab the interest of people either walking through or sitting in the courtyard. Displayed in these pictures are two of the recently advertised poster set available from Essex Hall. Perfect for getting people to stop and stare. A boards are great adaptable publicity aids. They can hold posters showing who Unitarians are, advertise forthcoming chapel events, showcase what the congregation stands for, display photos and other material about what has been taking place in the building etc. The opportunities are as endless as the collective imagination of your congregation.

Marion Baker