Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lesbian and Gay Foundation Faithbook

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have produced a booklet on faith and LGBT, wittily entitled Faithbook.

I was disappointed to see that it does not have a section on Unitarians, just a brief mention on page 43 in the listings section - and we are listed under Christian, which is not entirely accurate. This is a bit sad when we have been LGBT-welcoming since 1970.

Nor is there a section on the Metropolitan Community Church - which is weird when they are a major LGBT church.

I was glad to see it included Wicca (but why no other Pagan traditions?).


  1. I went to the launch last week (at Cross Street Unitarian Chapel) and they were apologetic about not including the Unitarians properly. Hopefully we'll be in the next edition.

  2. Thanks Stephen, that's good to know.