Thursday, 19 May 2011

Why Unitarians don't make good news stories

Ekklesia has an article on why the news always shows the bad side of religion - because "News waits for someone to embezzle or kill or seduce another in the name of God." News is essentially driven by high-profile events with negative impact. The fact that Unitarians never make this kind of news is amusingly parodied by Unitarian Jihad.

Feature-writers, on the other hand, get to explore the personal stories in religion - who knew that Southern Baptists engaged in disaster relief, for instance? Or that Wiccan efforts at charitable giving are stymied by bigoted Christians? Or that Unitarian ministers can also be Druids? (Amazing how many journalists don't know the difference between a minister and a vicar.)

If you want to get your more positive stories into the media, it's probably good to find a quirky or personal-interest angle as a hook for journalists.

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