Sunday, 19 September 2010

How to create a blog

Here's a video from Blogger about how to set up a blog.


  1. Don't forget Kirsty has a good bunch of blog set-up advice, even offers hand-holding for new folk...

  2. Kirsty's resources are mainly aimed at artists, but may be useful to others too.

  3. I look with envy at all the Unitarian blogs that are here, powered by Blogger, because they all seem to be open access. By which I mean, if in the address bar I type
    then I go straight to the blog. I have just spent days on Blogger setting out a potential new blog, only to find that if I type its address in the bar I get taken to a login page, where I have to login to Google before I can see my blog on Blogger. So if I tell people where my blog is, I am expecting them to get a Google account before they read it. This will surely turn away lots of people. But just to check, do you think that all the Blogger-based blogs that you list are available freely simply because they were started before some cut off date at which Blogger was updated? Or is there some trick you know of whereby I too could have a Blogger blog without people having to have a Google account? (I couldn't even post this comment to your blog without signing in using my Google account.)

    1. Hi Lucy Ann,

      Either you have set the privacy settings on your blog so that it is not open access, or it contains some content which Blogger deems to be "adult" and requiring log-in.

      There's probably a help page somewhere showing you how to change privacy settings on your blog.

    2. Also, just had a look at your Blogger profile - there is no link on it to your blog. It is possible to link to your blog from your profile (I think it does it automatically for blogs that you have not marked as limited access / private).