Thursday, 8 April 2010

CommComm - what we're about

I should be finishing my packing for the annual meetings in Nottingham, which start tomorrow. Instead I seem to have decided it's a good time to add something to the Communications blog ...

These meetings mark the third year of the formation of the Communication Commission, and - in preparing for the report that I'll be making on Saturday morning - I've been looking back at what we've achieved over the last three years. There have been several leaflets, with more in the pipeline, a new travelling display with accompanying poster, the notice board scheme which has resulted in over 40 new notice boards across the country.

The commission (known fondly as CommComm) has as its mission statement, To encourage the growth and development of the Unitarian community by promoting a clear, contemporary Unitarian message via traditional and innovative means, in accordance with liberal values. It addresses matters concerning promotion of and publicity about the Unitarian movement, nationally and locally, and internal and external communication via a range of media.

Current work is wide-ranging.
  • Promotional activities: posters; exploiting new methods of communication (eg this blog); reviewing national advertising and appropriate media; reviewing use of the travelling display which was launched at the 2009 annual meetings.
  • Providing communication expertise and support: advice and support for local congregations; producing press packs about the President and Vice-President; supporting the online worship project being undertaken by the NUF; reviewing internal and external communication strategies.
  • Leaflet development: reviewing the range of leaflets available; reprinting and commissioning new leaflets in liaison with other commmissions and societies.
  • Internal communication: optimising messages and modes of communication.
The team is keen to continue the work. We look forward to getting feedback on some projects and finding out more about what is wanted - then getting sifting through and working out how we might implement all the ideas when we meet again in May.

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