Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UK Unitarian Blog Aggregator

I have just created a Yahoo Pipe which pulls together content from UK Unitarian blogs (I can't figure out how to get the blog name and author in there, as they don't appear to be stored in the blogpost bit of the RSS feeds) but it does at least only take an excerpt of the post, and then you click through to the original blogpost). If you go to the Pipe page, you can get a badge for your blog or website which pulls in the latest posts from UK Unitarian blogs. Click on the "Get a Badge" link and follow the steps in the popup.

There is now a page on this blog dedicated to blogposts from UK Unitarian bloggers, as well as links to them on the sidebar on the right.


  1. Hi Yewtree,
    Thanks again for your work setting this up; your energy seems boundless !!
    Delighted to add this to our links site at New Meeting Minds blogspot.


  2. It's amazing what you can do with Yahoo! Pipes, which I learnt about from an American Quaker blog aggregator.