Monday 9 January 2012

Recommended reading

You can buy some of these from the UK Unitarian website.

Unitarian Engagement Groups and Small Group Ministry 

Unitarian Engagement Groups - How to start and facilitate groups

Unitarian Christianity 

Unitarian Earth Spirit 


  1. Thanks, will have to see if I can persuade our library to get some in, there's also an Amazon list 'Finding out more about Unitarianism' by some random bloke...

  2. Please add my book on the pre-China invention of a war-ending and nation-building peace methodology. I am very hopeful my findings can generate some Unitarian thought and discussion. (Don't you think it's time to move beyond praying and actually do some work on achieving peace?).

  3. Actually Unitarians have been working for peace for at least a century. The Unitarian Peace Fellowship was founded in 1916, and has been working for peace ever since.